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Flounced Top Pattern Drafting and Grading.

I have been seeing this style of peplum top for a while and even tried it out for the first in 2015 using woven Fabric. I also made similar styles using different weights of Neoprene fabrics. I have copied pictures from google to Pinterest to show the variations of the style. My tutorial below is not precisely based on any of the copied pictures, however, the same concept can be applied.

Daisy Lantern Sleeve Shirt Pattern Review by Crystal

Still on and about the Black History Month Pattern Designers Challenge  and today's post is another review of one of my sewing patterns, the Daisy lantern sleeve shirt pattern by Crystal . I had shared her Instagram post of her make of the daisy shirt in the last post and here is her detailed review she made on her Youtube channel . I am happy to hear that she enjoyed using the pattern. This review and the last review I posted are their independent reviews and their candid opinions.

Why I Stopped Publishing New Sewing Patterns + ARIA Pattern Review

In September of 2016, I released my first 3 sewing patterns and by August of 2017, I had published  4 more. In between, I had also released 2 sloper/block patterns. Then nothing, no new pattern till now (February of 2021).  What happened you may be wondering? Well, I started working on a clothing line in the latter part of 2017 and released a ready-to-wear clothing collection named under the brand name "Simplitude" in about May of 2018. You can view pictures of this collection on the Simplitude Instagram and Facebook accounts. This took a lot of my time, energy, and efforts so I couldn't work on releasing new sewing patterns. Also, I was not selling enough sewing patterns to make a decent income. My marketing skills, especially social media skills were not (and still not) all that.

Black History Month Designers Challenge

  The month of February is Black History Month and this year   @sewnaturaldane   is hosting a   #BHMpatternDesigners  Instagram  challenge alongside   @islandsewcialist . The  #BHMPatternDesigners  competition was established in 2019 by Nateida of  @sewnaturaldane  to give visibility and representation to black pattern designers, fabric companies, and knitting designers. Check out her website  for details on how to enter, the rules, prizes to be won, and more.