I now offer pattern drafting and grading services to clothing labels/ manufacturers who require production patterns for production; and also to sewing pattern designers who want to sell patterns of their own designs.
I can draft your sewing pattern, annotate it properly, grade it into the requires sizes for your size range. I can also help you estimate fabric usage, create a cutting plan/layout and provide you a chart of finished garment dimensions (in excel format). This chart can be used in Tech Pack creation in production patterns or as a vital part of sewing instruction in a home sewing pattern.
Note that all my patterns are drafted and graded digitally.

If you want this service, contact me at

Location and distance is not a barrier, wherever you are, as long there is internet connection, I can work with you.


  1. Hello. I purchased 3 patterns from you through Etsy on Feb 28 2021. and yes for the BHMPatternDesigner mouth. The Chloe, Aria, and the Ebun. I am so disappointed because the Ebun will not print. At All. I also followed your suggestions if I had problems with printing the patterns to no avail. If you would please send it to me again to I sure would appreciate it.

    1. Hello Pamala, I am sorry about this. I had replied your message on Etsy as far back as 1st of March (next day after you sent me a message there)and I uploaded the patterns on Etsy conversations. Have you checked it? However, I will be resending it to the email you have provided above.


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