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How to Sew Accurate Seam Allowances Part 2

In continuation of the previous post , I will be sharing my method of making a seam guide on the popular " black-head" sewing machines. What you need: 1.        A pair of divider (from your maths set) 2.        Removable ink marker 3.        Steel/plastic ruler

Sewing Accurate Seam Allowances

So a pattern calls for 1/2" sewing allowance, how do you ensure your seams are exactly 1/2"? Eyeball? Use chalk to mark all the way down? Simple, use seam guides located on your sewing machines. The presser foot: you know this can be used as a guide right? The distance from the needle to the edge of the presser foot is a specific amount. For instance

How to Sew an Invisible Zip and make it truly Invisible

How do you sew and make an invisible zip truly invisible?  the best way to truly make it invisible is to use a zipper foot. There is a presser foot specifically  designed for inserting invisible zips but the one that I have used is an ordinary  zipper foot. While searching for images, my search revealed that what I have is actually a piping foot or is it an elastic foot?