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Pattern Tester Call

Calling on interested sewers....... A pattern tester helps to check the quality of instruction and fit of a pattern before it is released by sewing a sample and sending us feedback. At the moment, we aren't able to offer testers compensation beyond the pre-tested pattern they will get. Would you like to test for us? Do you have access to a Computer and A4 printer? Can you commit to sewing a sample (including procuring your own fabric and supplies) and send us feedback within 10 days (May !8-28, 2016)? If Yes,

Sewing a French Seam

A French seam is a self-finishing kind of seam whereby all the raw edges are totally enclosed within the seam. It is a seam that is hardly used in mass manufactured clothing but used in high end garments and it can be easily achieved. Maybe you have even used this technique before without knowing what it is called. It is often used in sheer fabrics and light weight fabrics such as chiffon. You don’t want to use this in a fabric such as denim because of how bulky it will be. Our soon to be released pattern makes use of this seaming and finishing technique and here is a tutorial on it.

Understanding Grainlines

                                                         First, Happy new month to you. I hope to see more of you here thanks for dropping by. Now on to the post proper. It is important in sewing that you understand grain-lines. The fabric has grain-lines. sewing patterns including mine are annotated with a long arrow denoting  the direction in which you should place your fabric.